Off-Ice Skating Pair of Toe Rakes

Off-Ice Skating Pair of Toe Rakes

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Allows you to change the direction of travel.

The Toe Rake is the component that makes the Off-Ice Skates different from any traditional inline skate and is instrumental in making the Off-Ice Skate work more like an ice skate.

It has been designed to simulate an ice skating toe rake (the jagged end on a ice skating blade). This part of the Chassis is responsible for allowing you to change the direction of travel and carry out skills such as jumps, turns and spins.

The Toe Rake is adjustable and can be moved up and down (the more skilled you are, the higher the toe raking surface. Until now this move could only be achieved easily on ice. When the toe rakes have worn down simply loosen the screws with the Allen key and replace with a new pair.

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